28 March 2012

union station, d.c.


i found it haunting, i found it lovely, i found myself colliding with a new york friend right there in the terminal. i should've felt more surprised than i did, but these happy chances don't fail to find me in the oddest of places.

may there always be trains to ride and stations to rush through and archways so breathtaking
i'll nearly miss the call to board. may there always be these specklings of serendipity that keep me wondering what's around every corner.

1 comment:

  1. great pictures!

    it's hard to tell, but there is something about train stations... maybe it is the thrill of going somewhere, that can be found on airports as well. all the emotional goodbyes and happy welcomes... the difference to airports is just that train stations are so much more charming (at least sometimes) :)