09 January 2012

a photo an hour (a saturday story).

8:00 am.

9:00 am. 

10:00 am. 

11:00 am.

12:00 pm.

1:00 pm.

2:00 pm.

3:00 pm.

4:00 pm.

5:00 pm.

6:00 pm.

7:00 pm.

8:00 pm.

the frivolously long sleeps and all-day coffee crawls, the lingering conversation and that
saturday sweater. the post-chore revelry, the 3 pm breakfast hunt, the taking of time, the
not having a plan. the favored sort of weekend.


  1. Sounds (and looks) like the perfect sort of weekend!

  2. I miss Saturday. I have a case of the Mondays :(

  3. Extra Virgin! Love!

    My Saturday photos would all have been the same shot of the inside of my apartment, as viewed from my couch. We had the ultimate lazy Saturday. Klane enjoyed it, I'm still not sure if I did. Haha.

    Also, did you get a new computer?!?

  4. I noticed the same thing Angie did--new MacBook?! This looks like a wonderful Saturday. Glad I could enjoy it with you through photos :)

    Where oh where did you get those beautiful towels?

  5. just found your blog. love this post!

  6. just found your blog. love this post!

  7. @Angie and Amanda, I've had it about a year now :)and the towels were on clearance at Anthropologie just before Christmas!

  8. Love this idea of a picture an hour!!