04 January 2012

daytrip to asheville.

my parents and i spent the last daylight of 2011 wandering asheville. from malaprop's bookstore to origami ink stationer, asheville is chock full of charm and we made an afternoon of it all. the mountains were beautiful and grey on the way home, and the sun went down just as we wound our way down the blue ridge. a fitting end to one good year.


  1. ahhhhhh - those mountains look like home (: if you look closely, i'm positive you'll see where we slept for many, many nights!

  2. That was such a beautiful day! The sky was bluer than I think I have ever seen! We need to make the Blue Ridge Parkway a seasonal drive and compare pictures! I love you and have a most happy day!

  3. Your photos are absolutely amazing! It sounds like you had a good time!

  4. Amazingly blue blue skies there! Looks like you sent 2011 off pretty well :-)

    Sal x