03 January 2012

ain't this just like the present to be showing up like this.

if the first weekend is any indication, the year will be a sweet one. my parents completely spoiled me with a daytrip up to asheville on new year's eve and a new year's day dinner with all the lucky southern trimmings; it's going to take weeks to undo these last ten days of nonstop family time and in-house laundry. but i'm home from home now, and this is the hard part: living the life i love in the city i love with people i love…far, far away from the other people i love. i'm terrible at goodbyes and, as far as i can tell, it doesn't get easier. so here's to a happy tuesday, a blessed 2012, and getting back into the swing of things, yes?


  1. Happy Tuesday! Time to swing and plan! May in NY, July 4th in a place to be determined...and more time with sweet you!

    Thank YOU for blessing us with your presence for the past ten days! And thank those you love in NY for sharing you with us! I love you and will be counting down the days til our next mani-pedi!

  2. I always love your colorful, vibrant photos. Well done. And happy new year!

  3. I think I love you even more because of the Bon Iver shout out. I have his songs on my blog music playlists all the time. :)

    Cheers to 2012