07 November 2011

weekend in baltimore.

i spent the weekend in baltimore visiting my college roommate courtney at her family's house in the country. we did go out for sushi on saturday night, but mostly we were homebodies…cooking, watching movies, walk down to the barn to feed her horses. on sunday morning we made brunch at home and her sweet boyfriend, micah, built us a fire. it was really simple, really lovely.

a lot of our conversations reminisced on the olden days when we lived on the sixth floor of patterson dorm. we didn't love that dorm when we lived there, but it was not so bad in hindsight. we made a lot of really good memories there and it's where we built our friendship. some of my very hardest days in life were in that dorm room and there's nothing like a friend who remembers your younger days to remind you how far you've comeand how fortunate you are that people stuck by you the whole way. i am so incredibly blessed with relationships in my life, and the chances i get here and there to spend time with them is just the best thing in my world. 

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  1. Love your posts from Balti! Come visit again soooooon :) xoxo

    Ps - If you start reading my blog, maybe I will be inspired to post more often haha! http://courtneycarey44.blogspot.com/