04 November 2011

a postcard

…from what happens when i
experience equal parts boredom and curiosity.

i woke up on wednesday morning and decided i needed a change. a few hours and eight inches later, jose (red highlights, a fedora) gave me the haircut of my life.

i like it! it's really simple. it makes me feel different...grown up, even. and you never know, maybe i'll grow it right back out. after all, i'm not so good about making hair appointments (this might have been my second one in a year and a half). but for now…


  1. I LOVE IT!

    (photograph courtesy of b.salminen. reprinted with permission.)

  2. Love it! It's enough to make a change but not so drastic that my jaw dropped when I saw the picture. ;) You would look gorgeous any way you decided to do your hair, though!