11 October 2011


 my aunt and uncle had a baby last month and i spent the long weekend in dallas getting acquainted with baby lillie. then my dad surprised me from south carolina on saturday morning and it made the weekend extra sweet indeed.

i think we maybe left the house three times all weekend, and even then it was usually a grocery store run. we were really just content being together and doing everyday family things that actually aren't so everyday when your family lives far apart. 

my uncle's famous guacamole, a sunday brunch at home, cousin jackson's football game, regular hugs from dad,  harry potter movies, loving on that sweet baby...all of the things that make me wonder if i am crazy for moving a thousand miles away.  it's a funny thing when you cry half the plane ride home because you are so sad to leave....and then tear up again as soon as you see your city lights.

life feels good and rich and full. i really love that family of mine.

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  1. I knew I could count on you to give me a little visual glimpse into the weekend I so sorrowfully missed. I am so glad you guys had a great time but I sure missed being there! I am currently planning our summer family trip to help me feel better! XOXO