07 September 2011

by the seaside.

it turns out that not all road trips have a destination, and you just drive and drive and drive until you run out of road. that's what happened when our trip across the moor took us through a string of tiny villages and straight to the sea. 

exmouth, shaldon, dawlish, torquay…the places and names are running together in my head, but i do remember this: there were black swans in dawlish and row boats in shaldon and
sugar mice in quaint candy shops and shades of blue like i've never seen.


  1. My, my, these are breathtaking! I can only imagine what the real views were like! Absolutely beautiful! XOXO

  2. I agree with Christy-- breathtaking photos! Quaint images. Unreal shades of blue. Your photography is so artistic and fresh. LOVE IT!