12 September 2011

notes on the weekend. or, a love letter to new york.

this weekend, the weekend of 9/11, marked my first anniversary in nyc. knowing that anything i could think to do on that day would be sorely insignificant, i decided to just do new york things: find a great cup of coffee, walk through the park, take a taxi down the westside highway. nothing special, really, just the tiny, beautiful things that mark life here.

i don't know what it was like ten years ago, or even before, but i do know what it's like to be here now. new york is at once gritty and stunning, difficult and encouraging. it's always lively, always interesting. there is a place for every style and idea here. it has challenged me and forced me to grow in ways i might not yet recognize, and in ways i suspect i'll never be able to say.

i was an 8th grader sitting in south carolina history class on that ten years ago morning, quite removed from new york city and the magnitude of people and place and life. doing my little life here for a full year now, though, has helped fill in the missing bits of the picture. i both can and can't imagine it all. 

oh, new york. i am so very glad i came to stay. 


  1. wow great photos and blog honey!
    i would be more that happy if you would check mine too;)
    see you!


  2. this is such a beautiful post Alexa! perfectly written. I can remember I was in year 6 when it happened. it was on the morning of the 12th for us in Sydney...it was just crazy how much we felt it all the way down in Australia so i cant imagine what it would be like to be in america when it happened!

    New york is such an amazing city (even though i haven't visited yet, i just know it is) and you are so so lucky to live there :)


  3. September 11th is a day I'll never forget. As I watched coverage of the events as they unfolded ten years ago, I was in sheer awe of the strength of those who were so personally affected, and the way America continues to heal, rebuild, and renew its resolve to preserve its God-given liberty.

    You are so in tune-- just living life in the city and moving forward with gratitude, admiration, and your genuinely positive outlook on life-- you inspire me!

    NYC is a better place because of your presence!

  4. wasn't ny a gorgeous place to spend the 9/11 weekend - so beautiful and peaceful

    stop by sometime<3

  5. I like your way of quietly honouring your appreciation for living in such a great city. I think those small things you've done are actually incredibly special. We fell in love with NY when we visited last year and we know we will be back. I remember the day vividly too from all the way over here in Australia. It was such an emotionally shocking day. You have a beautiful blog and I just adore you in your profile picture with your hat!