13 September 2011

london, part two.

the only structure my entire visit saw was my tour of the tower of london. mostly, i wandered. i wanted my first experience of london to be less about seeing everything and more about seeing where each minute would lead me.

i found myself at hyde park, in the tea room at harrod's, in the courtyard of westminster
abbey, on abbey road by accident. i found that i liked morning in knightsbridge and afternoon in bloomsbury and the way the setting sun made the houses of parliament glow. i liked the twinkling lights along the thames and ending up at big ben just as he chimed. and those red, red telephone boxes! i might have loved those quirky little icons the most.

it's true what they say, that not all who wander are lost. sometimes those who wander are finding. 

(london, part one here)


  1. ohh your photos are incredible as i knew they would be! i lovee london so much! and i definitely agree with you..i prefer just wandering around and seeing where the city takes me too! you discover so much more :) xx

  2. Oh my these are so pretty! I especially love the picture of the flying buttresses at Westminster Abbey! I remember seeing these at the National Cathedral in Washington! And the red telephone boxes just make me smile!

  3. I love it, I love it, I love it.

    And I love you.