22 August 2011


the one where i tried my first falafel, ran two avenues through a rainstorm when i had no umbrella, filled my apartment with zinnias, went all the way to brooklyn just to smell perfume, listen to bon iver on repeat, left my windows open while it rained, browsed vintage linens and dishes and tried not to want to buy them all, took 300 photos in 2 days, and fell a little more in love with the life i am building here. it was one sweet weekend indeed.

when i remember these last few days, i will remember feeling young. and free. it sounds silly, i know...my life is just beginning and freedom has been the theme of my life for the past year, ever since graduation. freedom to read what i want, when i want...freedom to try on new york, see how it fits...freedom to stay when it fit me just right. but i feel it, really know it, right now.


  1. I'm so glad that you are lovin' life and NYC sweet friend! Love the beautiful pictures from your weekend!! Love YOU!

  2. This is the same teary eyed girl we left at USC 5 years ago! I am so happy that you are finding what fits you! I am so happy that ordinary and mundane are not in your vocabulary and I am so happy that you are you, inside and out!