02 August 2011

weekend, part ii.

weekends like that make me want to be a better friend. to write more letters, call more often, and let less time go between visits. relationships are work and i can certainly do more of it on my end. 

i talk to my dad every morning and i never forget to call my grandparents on sundays, but sometimes i let emails from friends pile up or take longer to respond than i would like. i don't love that about myself and august is the month that i am going to work on that. 

in the meantime, thank you all for being here, sweet friends. you bring so much goodness to my life and make my world feel full. i am glad of you. 


  1. I am oh so glad of you too! I am so happy that you and Courtney had such a wonderful girls weekend! I miss you!

  2. aw, i miss talking to my dad every morning. it was habit to call him first thing every day. that's great that you are that close to your family! :)

  3. Funny, because I think of you as a friend who is extra thoughtful and really good at keeping up with people. So you can't be doing too badly! :)

  4. That's really good of you. I don't call my parents enough, and I NEVER call my friends. That's exactly why I love letters; gives you about a weeks-worth of wiggle room.
    Speaking of which, I miss you guys at Thames! Hope you're well and tell Tiffany/Nina I said hi. I'll send them an email soon...