18 July 2011

the weekend.

coming back to my little apartment after two weekends away feels sort of sacred in some way. i reveled in quiet, simple things all weekend long -- crisp, clean white sheets and a new candle (verbena waters), sleeping in and coffeeshop hopping, the farmer's market and catching up on letters to friends -- and i saw harry potter on friday night (love) and had an airport date on saturday (more on that tomorrow). it was the perfect balance of indulging my need to be a homebody with my need to see friends, and i wouldn't have had it any other way. 


  1. Funny how busy weekends make you cherish being at home all the more! My weekend was crazy busy and now I am looking forward to a chilled out weekend soon.

    These are fabulous photos by the way!
    Sal x


  2. Okay...

    Number one: I knew all those huge pots would soon be overflowing with flowers!

    Number two: Those cherry tomatos look like they are about to explode!

    Finally: I can smell that verbena candle through the computer!!!

  3. these photos are so lovely doll

  4. I agree, there's no better feeling than coming back to your home after being away!

    Lovely photos :-)