22 July 2011

a postcard

of my week's best. 

1. long mornings and longer afternoons mean plenty of time for summer reading.
2. just peeking out to say hello. 
3. simple beauty. 
4. on tuesday, the first fresh cherry i have ever eaten. really. 
5. much of the fun of letter writing is found in the stamps themselves. 
6. another day, another sunset. these never get old. 
7. sometimes it's so hot you just have to sit on the hardwood and have watermelon.


  1. aren't cherries delicious?! i could down a whole pound in no time! and that sunset is terrific...

  2. This post is summery and wonderful!

  3. I can't believe you've never had a cherry before! Fresh cherries are so delicious. You would never guess that if your only exposure to cherry flavor was artificial cherry flavoring, which in fact does not taste anything like real cherries. Strange. :) Also, I just realized, do you have A/C? If not, ARE YOU DYING? Oh dear. If you start to melt you can come to my apartment and hang out in the cool.

  4. hello! i'm a new follower and i love so many of your posts i couldn't decide which one to comment on!

  5. Just discovered cherries myself. They are truly delicious.

  6. I've just started following your blogs and i love them!!

  7. Your photography and observations on life never cease to amaze me! Seriously!

  8. 1. I'm reading Great Gatsby too!
    5. That stamp made me so happy when I got your letter last week! (reply coming soon)