25 July 2011


countering my deliciously low-key weekends of late was this indulgent one. one of the girls i work with is moving away, so my boss treated us girls to afternoon tea at lady mendl's. ohhhh myyy. more on that later. 

then my other boss had a fancy party at her brooklyn apartment, just because, and it wouldn't be a weekend of mine without fresh flowers, a good book, and a latte. i really look forward to those simple little treasures.

p.s. if you are looking for a good book, i am currently reading hemingway's a moveable feast, an achingly beautiful collection of his memories of paris in the 1920s. i go back and forth between not being able to put it down and putting it off so it won't ever end. 


  1. A movable feast is wonderful! ... it totally made me want to live in that time with them. If you love it, try "the Paris wife" next! It's about Hemingway's wife Hadley..and her point of view of their lives together.

  2. that salad looks absolutely delicious. i never read books like that but ever since watching midnight in paris i want to! will put this on my list. :)

  3. I am so happy you had such an indulgent weekend! No one deserves it more! And I cannot wait to read A Moveable Feast! I love Hemingway! Oh...so many books, so little time! XO

  4. Thanks for the book recommendation; I'm putting that on my 'to read' list. There is nobody whose literary opinions I trust more than yours.