14 March 2011

weekends like that should last and last and last.

it was the kind of weekend where we watched the sun rise and talked for hours and sipped coffee all day long. we walked the whole village, ate brunch al fresco, and admired the way spring makes the city come alive. 

the older i get and the further away from home i go, the more and more i appreciate the friends i've had all my life. there's just something really special about having a friend that can tell you stories about your 11 year old self. i needed a weekend like this and didn't even know it. 


  1. What an awesome sunrise pic! That is definately on my to do list next month! I am so happy you and Amber had such a wonderful time. Im sure the stories of your 11 year old self were very entertaining! XOXO

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love the one of the sunrise. And the blue door. And the flowers. They're all good! Look at everything I was missing while I was hiding in my apartment all weekend. The world is BEAUTIFUL! I need to get out there! Haha.

  3. b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l (: can't wait to see it myself!