10 March 2011

amber's visit, day 5: we eat pizza.

both times i've eaten pizza under the brooklyn bridge, i've raved about it, but rumor has it that lombardi's makes the best pizza in the city. maybe even the world. 

since it's my responsibility to know things like who has the best pizza (so that when people come visit, i don't let them down), off to lombardi's we went. 

i won't say that it blew my mind, but i will say that the competition is on. 

happy thursday! we are thisclose to the weekend. 


  1. I'm not a New Yorker but my fiance and I travel there fairly often. He's a huge fan of a pizza shop in the Village whose name I can't remember at the moment but I hear great things about Lombardi's and this single photo of their pizza is making me think we'll have to give it a shot next time we're in town. I'm definitely craving some pizza for breakfast right about now!

  2. Lombardi's is good, but Keste in the Village will always hold the title of best pizza in NYC for me. Oh man, that place is crazzzzy! My parents said it was just as good as the pizza they had in Rome, which is saying something. You've got to go.