24 March 2011

rain, sleet, and snow (where'd spring go?)

just when i thought it was time to put my parka away, winter came back. rain, sleet, snow; you name it and it fell from the sky. 

i'm actually pretty happy about this. february is supposedly the snowy month and yet it hardly snowed at all past january, so i never really got closure over winter's end. today i got to say goodbye.

now it can be spring. 


  1. Leave it to Alexa to find a way to be happy about the spring snowstorm! I am in awe of your capacity for optimism at a time like this. :) I for one was very upset this morning when I walked outside. Snow?! Right NOW?!? It's so wrong!!! Haha. Hopefully when it warms up again it will be for good. And you can escape south to DC this weekend and hopefully find warmer temperatures there!

  2. Yep Angie! I don't know how she does it but she ALWAYS manages to find the sunshine through the clouds!