23 March 2011

i love

that some books just get better and better every time i read them.  

that i can walk all the way home from work and it will still be daylight.

sending care packages as much as i love receiving them. 

pretty foam on my cappuccino, courtesy of my favorite coffeehouse

counting down the days until i get to see the people i am missing so muchly.

knowing that my dad will call me at 8:11 am to wish me a happy day. 


and i hope you have a happy day!



  1. When I logged into Blogger, I looked at your post first. I am always drawn to the coffee photos!

  2. Alexa, I found your blog through Abby Ivester and love it! I have fantasies about living in NY.....I will be there next month, wondering if you've come across any coffee shops that have coconut or almond milk for lattes? I can't have regular or soy milk, but hoping I can still indulge! :) Thanks!