18 February 2011


by day, i work on books in an office surrounded by books and all the books live together on wooden shelves than span entire walls. then i go home and walk along the sidewalks of my neighborhood, gazing up into the windows of brownstones with floor-to-ceiling bookcases. 

almost none of my dreams for my life involve things--it's people and experiences i wish for--but there
 is one thing that i would like to have one day: a library. i'd like a space just for my books. they currently live on every flat surface of my apartment, including the window sills. i don't mind it; i actually love 
the way my home looks with books scattered all over the place. it looks like i live there. but there's just something about rows of books and a place for each one…for now, though, i am content to peek.


  1. I have the same dream. Is that a hand in the second to last window??

  2. I love how you peak, and I think a library is an absolutely lovely idea. With your proven design skills, I'm sure it would be nothing but.

  3. I am still dreaming about my library! It will happen and so will yours! Happy peeking!

  4. I am so glad I'm not the only one who loves peeking in peoples windows. Especially in NY!