28 January 2011

no blues over here...

We are four-ish feet of snow into the season and I suspect that it won't be long before people start feeling the wintertime blues.  I've even wondered if and when I will start feeling them myself. I have really been looking forward to my first real winter, but I am also assuming that you can only hibernate for so long before you start wanting to get out and do other things, right?

But so far, so good. I am thoroughly enjoying the slow pace of the season. I have been reading even more than usual and I still find myself surprised that, post-graduation, I can read whatever I want and it not conflict with my school reading. I am still re-reading the Harry Potter series (currently half-way through The Half-Blood Prince) and I am almost finished with Get Me Out: A History of Childbirth. It's fascinating and makes me wonder how any of us are alive today. Amanda Verzello, if you are reading this, you would love it!

I have also been taking long walks around the park and my neighborhood as much for the activity as for the scenery and I have developed a great appreciation for the fact that my mail is delivered on foot by a postman pushing a handcart. It's so charming and old-fashioned.

The slower pace of wintertime also reminds me of simple pleasures that might be easily overlooked in a busier time of year, things like warming up from the inside with an afternoon cup of tea or watching favorite childhood films back-to-back because it feels like the best way to spend a snowy night.


  1. i love love love the snow!! (: hopefully it'll all be gone by the time we're walkin' through! we would love to visit ya while we're makin' our way north!! i'll keep in touch w/ ya about & nail out some details closer to the time!! Thanks!!!!

  2. Cute photo! Your optimism is refreshing.

  3. I am loving the snow too! It is soooo deep in central park in places that are fenced off. LOVE it! It makes me sad when everyone at work is complaining about it and wishing it away. You've gotta enjoy it while it's here, because before you know it it'll be august and you'll be complaining about the heat! :) Love your good attitude.

  4. I'm loving the snow right now too - especially when it gets me a snowday at work! The childbirth book sounds really interesting - I'll have to get my hands on a copy for my next snowday.

    New to your blog but I'm loving what you've got here, especially your blog title! I'm off to poke around a bit more. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!