27 January 2011

snow scenes. are you tired of these yet?

Forgive me for yet another snow post, but, really, it's what's going on here. It has snowed for the last two days and will continue for the next few. I am currently on a work, marvel at snow, sleep, repeat cycle and we have reached the point where it's not just white anymore; the trees actually look silver now. I didn't even know this point existed.

Everyone is talking about how NYC never gets this much snow, but what they don't know is that I have made enough snow wishes over the last 22 years for every person in this city. Wishes come true...we bypassed "the most snow of my life" feet ago.

*I know the last photo is awkward, but no one was around and it was just so deep!


  1. Love the scenes you captured! Cross-country skiing? No way! And that igloo is looking pretty amazing.

  2. Wow. I have been watching all of this snow in NYC on TV, but your pics are a much more enjoyable take on it.

  3. Well my dear, it sure looks like you keep hitting it big in the wishes department! It seems to me you must have a little wish fairy following you around, capturing all your wishes and sprinkling them down at the most opportune times.

    Love the "awkward" photo! You were not kidding when you said the snow was up to your boot tops! Thank goodness for boots that are not only adorable and unique but functional as well! Happy Wintering!

  4. I am so jealous you got a snow day!!!! I wish my office would close when snowmageddon hits, but no, never. I love these pictures! Cross-country skiers?!?! Amazing!!!