05 December 2010

one million lights.

picture the scene: park avenue is shut down, thousands of people are caroling, and one million lights on hundreds of christmas trees lining the entire avenue light up all at once.

that's what the 66th annual park avenue tree lighting was like tonight. we sang the traditional carols, gasped when the trees lit up, and hoped that the tiny flurries would become something more.

it never ceases to amaze me that an entire avenue in new york city can be shut down, just like that. i mean, 5th avenue is closed for parades fairly regularly (i think i've seen three in my three months here. that's a lot, right?). 

afterwards, we all went to johnny and joanna's for hot chocolate and sugar cookies. 

and what's a sugar cookie without a little icing art? we take our baking very seriously.


  1. Oh I love the new format! and "Oh what fun" you are having! I will have all the cookies baked and ready for embellishment when you get home! I love you!

  2. That really was such a special night. I loved it!