04 December 2010

it's christmastime in the village.

i spent my afternoon wandering the west village and admiring its old-fashioned feeling and christmas cheer. nearly every shop door has a wreath, the sidewalk lots (like the one where i bought my little gem) were packed with families, and i smelled pine every time the wind blew.

on my home, i stopped for a cappucino at cafe reggio, home of the first cappucino in america and tennessee williams' favorite haunt. ohhh, it was good. i will be back!


  1. Oh! How lovely! You capture such a variety of what New York has to offer and I love seeing what new treasures you find!

  2. This area is at the very top of the list when you and Dad come back!

  3. Great great great pictures of my favorite place in the city! I just love it down there and I love the holiday cheer you captured! I need to get back down there during the holidays, it looks magical. The tree at Washington Square Park is definitely on my list. Ahhh, your pictures are killing me! so good.