12 December 2010

new yorkers love their brunch.

new yorkers do not like to wait for anything--subways, people to get off the subway, the subway doors to close--but they will wait hours for their brunch.

an awesome brunch supposedly awaits over on clinton street, so we decided to find out. an hour and a half later, we were seated and ordering hot chocolate and their famous blueberry pancakes. one bite and it was all worth it. there may even have been references to "next time"...

afterwards, we took advantage of angie's new book, 24 Walks in New York, and explored the lower east side. the graffiti walls everywhere inspired us to have a silly photo shoot.

i'm filing it under we had a really fun saturday, but what else is new?


p.s. yes, dad, I wore a coat. 


  1. Alexa! I love the mug pictures. That hot cocoa looks SO good. When I saw those pics, I was wishing I had some whip cream so I could make myself a mug just like yours.

    The impromptu photo shoot was a great idea. What a cool location. You are all such beautiful girls!

  2. Words cannot describe my obsession with this post.

    Breakfast was amazing (blueberry pancakes, sugar bacon, perfectly scrambled eggs and delicious hot cocoa--can my life get any better?). The walking tour turned out to be informative and even spontaneous, and the photo shoot made me very, very happy. Another fun Saturday in NYC.

    But what else is new? ;)

  3. Joanna, we missed you!

    Amanda, start blogging NOW! I need a way to keep in touch with you a.k.a. see what fun you are having without us.

  4. I didn't think this post was a lie! ;) That was a delicious breakfast! And I love all these pictures of our East Village wanderings. Next time (since there will be a next time ;)) we will have to head south instead and explore the LES. And I love love love our little photoshoot. I cannot believe you actually got a cute jumping picture of me. Congratulations, you are the only person on earth that has achieved that feat. ;)

  5. Alexa! I'm loving the hat! (: and the photoshoot is awesome.