13 December 2010

it's snowing + a gingerbread situation

First of all, I would like to start by saying that I am sitting in my apartment watching it snow! The flakes are pretty big and are starting to accumulate. It's not much, but still. Anything is very exciting for a South Carolina girl.  I have been wishing that I would see snow before Christmas. Looks like it's happening!

Also, before I get to my real story, I wanted to share a conversation I overheard at the Apple store tonight. Too funny.

Customer: I have been waiting for over an hour. What good is a reservation if I have to wait for over an hour?
Apple guy: I don't know, sir.
Customer: You don't KNOW? You work here. Answer me. What good is it?
Apple guy: I'm going to call security.
Customer: Is this conversation OVER?
Apple guy: It is what it is, sir.
Customer: What does that even MEAN?


Anyway, Christy researched various Christmas events around the city and told me about the Gingerbread Extravaganza at Le Parker Meridien hotel on West 56th. Several bakeries donated beautiful gingerbread creations, ranging in theme from Night at the Museum to West Side StoryMy favorite was based on the movie Big. To be honest, the extravaganza was  smaller than I had anticipated, with only six or seven houses on display. It was more of a gingerbread situation than extravaganza. But, to be fair, this is only its second year, so hopefully it will grow in years to come. I love a Christmas activity, though, so I will probably go back even if it doesn't!


  1. Hahahaha! This post had me laughing on so many levels. First, the Apple store conversation. Oh my goodness. I love New Yorkers.

    Then, the gingerbread "situation". Hahaha. Love it.

    I am happy it snowed! I was just telling my mom today that I was worried we might not get to see snow before we left for Utah. I'm so glad I was proven wrong. :)

  2. First of all, I can totally hear Apple Guy in his monotone, uncaring Apple Dude sort of way. Way too funny! And second, I love the gingerbread pictures! I know you said it wasn't much of an Extravaganza but your pictures made it look lovely! Love King Kong! And Big? What isn't there to love about Big?

    Keep cramming all you can into your last 6 days of Christmas 2010 in NYC. I am counting on you!

  3. "Gingerbread situtation." Bahaha.