26 November 2010

the year without a table.

the plan for thanksgiving dinner was established weeks ago. we made plans for the
turkey and the yams, the salad and rolls, the corn pudding and potatoes and pumpkin pie. 
there would be goblets and a table and dinner at 2 pm.  

everything went as planned except the borrowing of the table. on thanksgiving morning, 
angie texted to say that there would be no table. but i haven't eaten at a table since i moved 
here, so why should thanksgiving be any different? it just feels like part of the story: that
 thanksgiving we spent in new york and didn't have a table.

 i never would have thought that i would be ok, even excited, to spend a holiday away
 from my family. but these friends are becoming my nyc family and it just seemed 
appropriate to celebrate together in our city. and maybe the more fun i have, the more
 likely my family is to join me here next year. right?



  1. OH MY MY MY MY MY MY!!!! These pictures are just gorgeous! I am stealing them all! You captured the dinner just PERFECTLY! Thank you so much for coming and documenting the special day!

  2. RIGHT!! I love your whole Thanksgiving story! The balloons, the parade, Thanksgiving dinner and Macy's on 34th St. on Black Friday? You did it right! No enticement needed for next year!

    You have such wonderful friends and it's obvious you had such a wonderful time! By the way, is Frido climbing the wall behind Klane's mom?

  3. Hahahahaha Christy's comment made me laugh! I kept seeing the fox pelt out of the corner of my eye and thinking it was Frido! Good times. Love your pictures of this very memorable thanksgiving. I loved it! I am proud of us for pulling of such a wonderful meal.

  4. Oh my gosh!!! I love Christy's comments. We had such a good laugh over it because that picture totally makes it look like it!