25 November 2010

happy thanksgiving!

i am currently nestled in my cozy bed, exhausted from my early morning at the parade, hours in the kitchen, and my all-day celebration with friends, and i am thinking thankful thoughts.

thankful for parents, family, davey...nothing matters to me more.

thankful for friendship. old friends, new friends...i feel the blessings of friendship every day. 

thankful for new york. the excitement, the people, the way the city moves...i still can't believe that i get to live here.

thankful for mornings and subway rides and serendipitous moments and twinkling lights and letters in the mail and trips to Shake Shack and the strangers i pass on the sidewalk...all of the little things that color my life and make it so much fun.

thankful for this season of my life. i am healthy and happy and i love where i live and what i do. i love and am loved. life is not perfect, but it sure is good. 

happy thanksgiving! 



  1. I love these pictures! Now I am really sad we missed the parade. My favorite pictures are Ronald McDonald and the energizer bunny! LOVE THEM!

  2. I love the pictures, especially the ones of people in the crowd, and the kids in the window watching the parade. Not the obvious shot to take but soooo good. You're a great photographer!