03 November 2010

what i am loving lately. because i am loving a lot.

november. it's one of the loveliest months and it heralds the start of the holiday season. halloween has passed, so i can now break out my winter candles and holiday music without wondering if i am rushing things. sorry, christy. i considered what you said and decided that, no, i cannot wait until the day after thanksgiving to get excited for christmas. it's too late. i already am.
early nightfall. shorter days mean longer nights and fall is here and winter is coming. 
 {tonight's 6:03 pm sky}

my job. i find it very fulfilling and still get excited about each of my projects. good thing, because my job is why i am here in the first place!

my doorknobs. aren't they charming?

my wednesday afternoon dates with megan. i leave work at 2 and she doesn't have to teach, so we go exploring. sometimes we go to a museum, sometimes we try a different coffee shop, but we always have fun and she always makes me laugh hysterically at least once.

what are you loving lately?


  1. Your doorknobs are beautiful.

    I am loving scarves and coats and boots. I am loving that dumb ABC Family show I was telling you about ("Beautiful People", haha). I am loving that the holidays are coming so soon. I am loving all my wonderful friends who I cherish so much (and YOU are one of them, lady!).

    I'm not with you on the early nightfall, but that's okay. When it starts getting dark at 4:45 I am just not into it. But that isn't till December so let's not dwell on it. :)

  2. I'm so loving Christmas music already! Besides the fact that "The First Noel" is eternally stuck in my head, I just love the Christmas spirit and really do think it should pervade all year long.

    I'm also loving the crisp weather, because now I can wear my pea coats without literally breaking a sweat while fast-walking to work.

    And my husband tells me that I will soon be loving roasted chestnuts. They are his favorite holiday treat and I'm trying them for the first time tonight.