07 November 2010

further proof that i have awesome friends.

in a single weekend,

 {i loaned megan a dress and she gave me a loaf of homemade chocolate chip pumpkin bread in return}

{kara sent me a sweet note}

 {i received recipes and a love note from emory}

and, when i texted angie to tell her that i was excited to see her because i needed girl time, she responded:

"i have milk and cookies, if you need that, too."

girlfriends are simply the best.


  1. YOU are simply the best! I love you! I'm glad to have you for a friend. You make a really good one. ;)

  2. I am so happy you have such great friends! It makes your dad and I feel good to know you are in such wonderful company! Thanks Angie and Megan for being Alexa's NY buddies and thank you Kara and Emory for those special little touches of love you send Alexa that show you are true friends!