17 November 2010

my world is very small.

i received this email last night from my sweet friend erin and it reminds me of one of my favorite things about life: the serendipity, the fortunate accidents.

 before you read it, though, i need you to know three things:
1. my friend erin is from tennessee and attends law school in charleston, sc.
2. my friend emory is from charleston, sc and now lives in virginia.  
3. erin and emory have never met. 

ok, now you are ready... 

"So, my mom wandered into an art gallery on East Bay Street today and, in the midst of a long conversation with the curator there, started to brag on you (I told her all about your new exploits and they were discussing their daughters and daughters' friends). But, as it turns out, this woman already knew your story, as she is Emory's mother!"

crazy, right?? what are the chances of that happening? not good, i am sure. 

of all the art galleries that she could have walked into. of all the possible topics of conversation. of all the people in all the world....

life is fun. 

 {why, yes, i am sipping eggnog and listening to christmas jazz this week. judge all you want.}

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