16 November 2010

me, one year ago.

one year ago today, i was standing on the santa monica pier. i was so excited to be there and i remember feeling surprised that i was visiting los angeles before new york. i had not been to either city and i had always sort of assumed that i would make it to nyc before la.

i was wrong. 

and i no idea what was coming.

i had no idea that, in nine months, i would finally make it to new york. in ten, i would live there. the only thing i really knew for certain back then was that graduation was just around the corner. i could not have known how my life would begin to unfold.
if i could see the future, i wouldn't. the not-knowing scares me sometimes but the surprises are just so sweet. 

and when i catch myself remembering what i was doing on a certain date in my past, it is really fun to compare my then to my now and see my own progression. 

i wonder what i will be doing one year from today? this past year alone has shown me that you just never know...

{santa monica, 2009}


  1. This is one of my favorite pictures of you! I love you and I am so proud of you!

  2. I remember standing on that pier with you. I remember luch at The Ivy. I remember racing around between picking up our tickets and attempting to get ready for the red carpet. I also remember the sheer panic when we realized just how big the event was and we couldn't find a parking spot. Remember your number? And how oddly it worked out?! I also remember nursing my 6 month old and running out the door of The Thompson just so you and I could see Rob Pattinson in person. It was a magical night. A spectacular evening. And I can't think of anyone I would rather have shared that day with than you. It was a whirlwind trip; yet one that I will never forget. Thanks for reminding of that moment.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful post. And Whitney's comment added to it. (Sounds like it was a magical trip, you must tell me about it someday.)