12 November 2010

i love...

1. that it is finally time to make my thanksgiving grocery list. i am celebrating with friends in the city and it's my first time doing the actual cooking and not just helping. i feel like a grown up. 

2. the care package that showed up on my doorstep from my aunt glenda. she included the essie polish that i borrowed while she was here. 

3. that i get to work from home today. i may or may not still be in my pajamas. 

4. that a certain best friend of mine is celebrating a certain marriage milestone over the weekend. i believe in marriage and am so proud of emory and travis. one year down, forever to go.

 5. that, only two months into my life here, i have been blessed with good friends to celebrate thanksgiving with. i would never have thought that i would be excited about a holiday away from my family, but i am really looking forward to celebrating with my friends in our city.

happy weekend!



  1. We sure will miss you at Thanksgiving but are so excited for you to have this experience. I heard Jessica Simpson on the radio this morning and she said she is going to be in the parade this year and it will be her first Thanksgiving in New York too! Love you! Miss you! and save my place for next year's Thanksgiving!

  2. I am so excited for Thanksgiving and for the beautiful decor and southern flare you are bringing to the table (pun intended). I am so happy you're going to be there and be a part of our little New York "family"!

  3. Aunt Glenda is the bomb! First Hotel Gansevoort and now essie nail polish? Gotta meet this lady.