11 November 2010


this little boy and all of his four-year-old-ness. the kisses and tantrums and cuddles and lightsaber sound effects. i could always count on him to be in the mood to bake. we might have even fought over licking the spoon. 

he has been on my mind a lot this week because i ate lunch in times square on saturday and this little boy caught my eye:

he was chasing pigeons, just like i used to do with teague when i was a student in charleston and worked as a nanny once upon a time. 


  1. Great, now I can't stop crying.
    He misses your tisses. And I willingly admit, so do I...

  2. That first picture is so adorable. And so is that boy in Times Square. And how cool is it that you ate lunch in TIMES SQUARE?!!? Seriously. You live a dream life. I love it.