19 October 2010

cozy city.

i had high hopes for waking up early this morning to come but one glimpse of the rain falling outside my window and i was diving back under the covers for an extra hour of sleep. the weatherman is calling for sunshine tomorrow, though, so i will try again.

when i finally did begin my day, i found the morning beautiful in its own grey and rainy way. it was the first morning that i could see my breath and i finally headed down to think, a coffeehouse i have been wanting to try. i curled up with great house and stayed all afternoon. it's funny how a city this big can feel so cozy.


  1. I feel cozy just reading this post! And thoughts of pink raincoats just makes me smile!


  2. Your raincoat is so cute. You and I need to go out, you with your pink coat and me with my cherry red boots. We'll be turning heads everywhere we go in a sea of black-clad New Yorkers. ;)