20 October 2010

the only thing better than autumn in new york is autumn in new york in the morning time.

i kept yesterday's promise to myself by waking up extra early
 today and, ohmygoodness, am i glad i did. the leaves in central park are 
turning the color of fire and this city has never felt so still as when it was
 just me and the runners up before the sun. except for maybe the man in 
the business suit riding a bicycle and singing in italian at the top of his lungs. 
but that was so very new york, too, you know?


  1. BEAUTIFUL! you have inspired me! Oh and it was good to see you this morning!

  2. haha YOU inspired me! And seeing you first thing was a really happy way to start my day :) We should meet up early sometime and wander together!

  3. I must say I have never seen NYC so still and empty, amazing! Great pictures :)