25 October 2010


my parents came up for the weekend to help me settle into my new apartment. we packed a lot into three days...amazing dinners in hell's kitchen, a walk down wall street, a staten island ferry ride, and coffeehouse hopping. 

and just when i think i can't love this place more, my family comes to town and i do. family just makes everything more fun.


  1. Your parents are SO CUTE! Love the pictures and I'm glad you had a lovely weekend with them. And where oh where is that omelete from? It looks delish. It's not from Fetch, is it? I'm totally wrong, just a wild guess.

  2. Have I told you thank you for moving to NY? Well, OK, maybe a few times but it can't hurt to say it again! I love you! and Rice to Riches, and Hale and Hearty...