25 October 2010

sleepy hollow.

thanks to angie's incredible planning skills, weeks of anticipation finally paid off when a group of us rode the train up to sleepy hollow on friday night and took halloween festivities to a new level. we explored the town, checked out the old dutch church graveyard where part of the legend is set, and saw thousands of jack o lanterns at the blaze

the jack o lanterns were displayed according to theme, from spiders and a web to mummies and a pyramid. there were also dinosaurs, butterflies hanging from trees, fish and a pirate ship, and celtic knots. 

my favorite? the beehive. it was unbelievably detailed, down to the tiniest bee.

there was hot chocolate, there were scarves, there were homemade blondies for the train ride (thanks, amanda!), and the moon was even full. a halloween celebration doesn't get better than that. 

**note: i borrowed (stole?) the group shots from angie's blog. her husband, klane, was kind enough to take them for us!


  1. I love the pictures you got! It was such a fun evening. Oh and you can steal my pictures anytime. :)

  2. Awesome pics!!! I especially love the heart-shaped pumpkin with the couple; I must have missed that one.