26 September 2010

christy comes to play!

christy became my very first visitor when she arrived on thursday for a long weekend in my shiny new city. i looked forward to her visit for reasons like:

1. i missed her. 2. she loves all of the same things that i do and i knew we would adventure all the weekend long. 3. it isn't often that we get to hang out just the two of us and, as much as we love my dad, girl time is important. 4. she brought my winter clothes. 5. i couldn't wait to show her how well i know my way around already, so that she and dad would stop worrying. but i don't mind if they still worry a little. 

she arrived late thursday night, so we kept our first outing simple: shake shack and a walk around the neighborhood.

it was her first shake shack experience and she loved it! i didn't expect anything less. shake shack is awesome and i don't know anyone who doesn't think so. if you come visit me, expect a trip. or two.


  1. Can't wait to see more pictures of the rest of her visit! I loved meeting christy, she is such a nice, fun person to be around! I love her already and I think you're so lucky to have her. I'm sure you know that! :)

  2. Please, please, please tell me what happens next! My mind is a whirl of images and experiences and I had so much fun and I can't wait to come back and I love you!!

  3. Alex,

    It is great to hear you joined us recently at our Upper West Side Shake Shack! We appreciate you posting about it here, and hope to see you again soon.


    The Shake Shack Team