01 September 2010

lovely day for a guinness....

....cupcake, that is. 

maybe it was just to spice things up.

or maybe it was in celebration of september. 

whatever the reason, cupcake featured a guinness cupcake with bailey's icing today and when whitney found out, she bought a box of them. 

 to be honest, i was a little nervous about the flavor. i thought it could go either way.

how wrong i was. 

it tasted like fall: perfectly pumpkin, ginger, and spice, with icing so rich that not one of us ate more than half. 

and it just looked divine. i may or may not wish that i had a dress just like this cupcake.

happy september!


  1. YUM. That looks amazing.

    And you DO have a friend in the city! Thanks for your sweet blog comment! Can't wait to meet you in person one of these days. :)

  2. how did i miss this? i would have totally been able to eat a whole one :)