31 August 2010


before i pack my apartment, i want to capture the details that have made
 it my own little home for the past year. it's the first place that was mine.

^photograph of neuschwanstein, a relic of my grandmother's travels to germany in the 60s. it inspired me as a little girl and she promised it to me once i was all grown up with a home of my own. my grandfather kept her word. 
^the birdcage shower curtain that brings whimsy to my mornings.

^my bedroom and the curtains my dad and i had trouble hanging and laughed over for days, the poster from the national concert my college roommate and i roadtripped to atlanta for sophomore year, the blanket i've had since middle school, the winter candle on my nightstand that i burned all year long…

^maybe my favorite thing in the apartment: the red coat rack right inside my front door. 
^i've spent so much time in this kitchen.
^the tiny table that my great-great-great-great grandfather made. it was my summer project 
to spruce it up and it now displays the vintage stamps i collected last summer in ireland.
^framed letter from my great-grandmother. she said i'd be a writer one 
^my shelf of favorites.
^a refrigerator full of letters and postcards from my loves all over.
^kitchen nook, where my every days begin.


  1. I cried. I can't imagine how I will ever be able to say goodbye to you. You're my bestest friend. :)

  2. Teach me how to be creative and talented like you. This apartment is so cute. Well done!

  3. The letter warmed me to no end. the hand writing is shaky but is still the same. God i loved having her influence. thank you