03 August 2010


this day, two years ago, i discovered my very favorite city in the world: salzburg.

i grew up on the sound of music and refused to spend a summer in germany without traipsing over to austria. 

and so i went. all by myself. i felt so brave.

i took the early train out of munich and the late train back and i spent the whole day wandering. it was one of the very best days of my life.

i walked the entire city, ate strudel at the market, and visited every single church.  i spent hours in pews and on park benches. i people-watched and stared at baroque ceilings.
i saw everything i wanted and lingered wherever i pleased. and though it was strange not having anyone to share the experience with,  somehow the city became mine and that day will always be one that i treasure for myself.

plus, the very next summer, i met a girl named emory and we bonded over our shared favorite city: salzburg. and so i actually do have someone to share my memories of that day with. it's funny how these things work out.
1. hohensalzburg fortress.
2. the banks of the salzach river.
3. i spent a lot of time looking up that day.
4. salzburg or harry potter?
5.view of the city from the fortress.
6. getreidegasse, salzburg's most famous street.
7. mozart was christened at this altar.
8. mirabell gardens: do-re-mi, anyone?
9. the rooftops and the alps. 

salzburg is nothing if not enchanting. it has all of the charm of the larger european cities, but it is quaint and can be walked in one day. the skyline is whimsical, the gardens explode in reds, and i could ramble on all day about the church ceilings and altars. 

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