09 August 2010


it's tough to face monday after such a happy sunday. emmi and elli, my sweet little girls i have been babysitting for six years, and their lovely mommy came to charleston and we had such a fun visit.

one of the most exciting parts of having my own apartment has been entertaining houseguests. the four of us were quite cozy in my little  place!

we spent the whole day on sullivan's island, where emmi wowed the beach with her sand art and elli did 63 cartwheels in a row. really, 63. i counted.

by 4 pm, we were starving and headed to poe's for salads, fresh tuna tacos, and cheese fries. yum.

we spent the evening swimming at my apartment, where we had handstand contests. then a nearby couple became rather friendly, elli started shouting, "They're kissing! They're kissing! THEY ARE DANCING WITH KISSING," and it was time to go.

after showering and playing "hair and makeup," we headed downtown to roam the market and enjoy dessert at kaminsky's. oreo shakes for the girls, a brownie sundae for marcie, and a cappucino float for me? yes, please.

and within twenty minutes of arriving home, we. were. fast. asleep.

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