07 August 2010

the times they are a-changin'.

browsing bookstores has been my saturday morning ritual since i was a college freshman and needed a way to escape the dorm, where i shared a bedroom and forty girls shared a bathroom. every saturday, i headed off bookstores to read and think and enjoy the quiet.

i can still wander the aisles for hours, getting lost between the shelves. sometimes i order a coffee, sometimes i don't, but the hours i spend wandering give me interrupted time to myself, even though i no longer share a room or a bathroom, or even an apartment.

this summer, my ritual has become highly anticipated, as I have read fourteen books in as many weeks. i spiced things up today, though, and went to target first, then to the bookstore. in doing so, i came to a sudden realization of how much and how quickly my life is changing. 

at target, i realized that this is the first august since babyhood that i don't need school supplies. no more binders, no more notebook paper. every year since i can remember, i have looked forward to new school supplies. but i don't need them anymore.

at the bookstore, i realized that i no longer need textbooks. my days as an english major are over.

it's not that this makes me sad. in fact, i am incredibly excited about the adventures awaiting me. it's just different. i am three months out of college, but only now am i feeling the change.

making life decisions and seeing my friends off on their own adventures means a lot of changes are occurring all at once.

good thing i still have my saturday mornings at the bookstore. some things should stay the same. 

/\ /\ /\ a relic of these changing times: the 1920s fan that emory gave me when she moved. it was her aunt's and she passed it along to me. isn't it lovely?


  1. Awwww! It looks perfect next to Gran Gran's afgan! Love it!! I bet even Bob Dylan could appreciate the scene! XOXO

  2. Oh yeah! I forgot! Where is it written that you no longer need school supplies?? I always like a fresh "64 count" box of Crayola Crayons in the cupboard just in case!

  3. I looked at that fan about fifty times last night. and just assumed it was your grandmother's!

  4. The days change, then months go by then years but You my lovely niece will always be You. The awsome life that encircles you and all around you is breathtaking.