12 July 2010


1. it's amazing how good my very own bed feels when i have been out of town for a week 2. i went to triangle for dinner tonight and i am sort of angry that i have lived in charleston for two years and have never tried it before now.  i had the very best sweet potato fries of my life. they serve them with apple butter and i was too busy enjoying them to take any pictures 3. i have only been back in charleston for one day and my allergies have already returned and i have a huge mosquito bite above my left eye. it looks awesome 4. my sweet friend anna has returned from a year in prague and i get to see her. tomorrow. at five loaves. hooray! 5. i already miss my brother. when i was bored today and wishing i was still in the keys, all i had to do was think about the crazy ridiculous things he said and did all week and how hard he makes me laugh. i instantly felt happy.

oh, i love this kid.

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