25 July 2010

i love birthdays.

whitney's birthday gave me the perfect excuse to spend a saturday doing two of my favorite things: baking and planning a surprise.

in lieu of a gift, i decided to go way out and bake her a twilight-themed cake. this girl LOVES twilight. and cake.

it was my very first attempt at baking a cake entirely from scratch and, with the exception of one icing setback-induced meltdown (julie & julia style), it went very smoothly!

in keeping with the red-and-black color scheme, i used martha stewart's red velvet chocolate cake recipe. then, after two failed icing attempts (and a mini-meltdown), i googled "white icing" and struck gold. apparently the best icing for decorating cakes only requires four ingredients: confectioner's sugar, shortening, water, and clear vanilla. so much for complicated recipes!

i was so excited to surprise her with it and i think it's pretty safe to say that she loved it.

we celebrated her birthday with drinks at the vendue rooftop followed by dinner at muse, one of my very favorite restaurants.

 {birthday jewelry}

{tuna carpacchio, cheese plate, and a meze platter}
{gnocchi gorgonzola = amazing}

muse was, as usual, completely charming and we finished up the evening with cake, wishes on candles, and a sleepover at whit's. it was a perfectly lovely birthday celebration!

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  1. my birthday was perfection. if only we got to have days like that more often! i haven't had such a special cake since i was a little girl. last night, i felt younger, way younger than 32! thank you aletsa!