27 July 2010

blame it on the heat.

not going to lie. 

i'm not loving this week.

emory is moving to virginia on friday.

kim is headed to dc on saturday.

i am still wrestling with my master plan.

and it's hot.

as in, yesterday's-heat-index-was-122-degrees hot.

but things are looking up.

because williamsburg and dc will be fun to visit.

my life is bound to fall into place.

and august is just around the corner, which means autumn will be here before i know it. 

so i'll just blame my bad mood on the heat.

 {i met this little fellow on the corner of st. philip and cannon this evening. i shared my water with him and he shared his pretty eyes with me.}

1 comment:

  1. How bad of a week can it be when you have the privilege of meeting such an adorable creature?? AAAND... a trip to New York in your near future?? XOXO