16 September 2019

last days of summer.

summer's swan song, this is where our love lived: sun-dappled sundays in the park, story hour at the met, bowls of blueberries and honeyed yogurt, oatmeal sweaters, sunflowers soaring two stories high, boxes in the post (knit longies for boy, tea rose perfume for boy's mum), dimpled handfuls of acorns on our every-morning strolls, rain-kissed windowpanes, board book-spangled floors like stars in an indigo sky, midday lavender baths, merry bells of milk bottles jingling in the market basket, fleet foxes, cedarwood and eucalyptus oils, nursing by the light of harvest moon-shine, a birthday cake for papa, hymns of "thank you" and "i love you" and "thank you."

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  1. that first picture (: ... and the sweet little finger swipe on the cake!