28 March 2019

switzerland, part iv | st. moritz & onward.

our stay in st. moritz was brief: our train pulled in as the ski village shimmered in the golden hour and we were back on the red train by early light. we'd heard that st. moritz is quite posh (true) and touristy (also true), but as it is the last stop on the glacier express route, it naturally figured into our travels for a stopover. 

we checked into hotel languard (wood panels, curved staircase, twin beds, breakfast included, such a view) and strolled for local pïoda and apple strudel. where the quaint streets of zermatt felt like climbing inside an oil painting of a winter village, st. moritz was a wonderland dripping in luxury. the juxtaposition was striking: storybook houses with charming curls of smoke and been-there-for-generations bakeries astride nightclubs and designer storefronts.

a memory for all time: temperatures dipping below zero and the roses that bloomed across sweet francis' delicious cheeks in that alpine air. 

and with the morning sun, we were off, happy for another day's enchanting journey with our faces pressed to the window, baby delighted in the aisle view of the rolling coffee cart and paper cups for the cheers-ing. some sparkling, unknowable mingle and mix of his own content and curious spirit, intentional parenting, and exposure to all sorts of settings from the very beginning are adding up to the sweetest companion to travels. to life. 

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