27 February 2019

cherry cobbler pancakes.

these photographs are so special to me: a pancake date, just the two of us, while papa was away for a stretch of days. i am so charmed by him, this young sir, ever so chatty, ever so curious, unbelievably expressive, cheeks ever billowing, fingers ever in search.

my sweet christopher works so hard for us and takes such good care of us, and it's all thanks to him that i get to be the one raising our boy. my soul-deep gratitude feels best expressed by living it out loud, with the volume all the way up. by filling our days with adventure and spontaneity and whimsy, music and color, wonder and awe and peace and joy. by living, every day, the very best life we can. what an honor it is, to be the one spending days with our son, to be the one showing him the world -- in bundled walks in snowy central park, in people watching in coffeeshops and building worlds of blocks in our waffle knits and woolies, in setting sail on the sea of books dappling the nursery floor, in swinging on swings and impromptu bubble baths and looking for the moon, in jaunts downtown for cherry cobbler pancakes at two in the afternoon...

i hope these days read like a love letter to them, my dream boys. 
i hope our whole life feels like one.

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